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  • CNC grinding wheel table
  • CNC grinding wheel table
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CNC grinding wheel table


Product origin :China

Delivery time :negotiate

Supply capacity :supply on demand

1. RGT-SDTC2+SLJ101C is made of thickened cold-rolled steel plate, 1250mm high, 450mm wide and 700mm long, which is convenient to take and protect your waist.
2. The grinding wheel rack plate is made of abs safe and high temperature resistant material, which can place 13/26 grinding wheels with an outer diameter less than 250mm
3. The grinding wheel rack can be placed on the C-type worktable table and used with the worktable

LYREIGN RGT-SDTC2+SLJ102C Grinding Wheel Storage Rack

Grinding Wheel racks

RGT-SDTC2+SLJ102C adopts thickened cold-rolled steel plate as a whole. The double-layer grinding wheel frame plate is made of abs safe and high temperature resistant material. 26 pieces of grinding wheels with an outer diameter of less than 250mm can be placed. Fully enclosed support design on both sides of the grinding wheel frame, safe and stable, trademark logo, quality assurance, working together to save work efficiency and the grinding wheel is clean and tidy,

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Multi function: factory, workshop, warehouse, garage... endless possibilities! With LYREIGN series, you can definitely choose the products that are suitable for your tool size and shelf space. If not, please let us know. Your valuable opinions are the beacon of our progress

Easy to install: The original LYREIGN series is equipped with packing list and installation instructions. You will be happy to have a new partner in a few minutes

After sales guarantee: If you have any problems, please contact us in time, and we will provide you with various solutions within 24 hours for your reference

ltem No.RGT-SDTC2+SLJ102C
product size


MaterialCold rolled steel plate
Item Weight 129pounds
colororange grey
Caster Type Rubber Casters
MOQ1 set
Assembly Required

Country of OriginChina

LYREIGN RGT-SDTC2+SLJ101C Top and bottom storage parts

Sanding Pad Holder

universal Grinding wheel rack

U.S. Trademark Registration Certificate
U.S. Trademark Registration Certificate
ISO9000 certification system certificate
ISO9000 certification system certificate
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